Sanibel Causeway Expected To Be Operational By Month's End


Photo: AFP

The Sanibel Causeway is expected to reopen by the end of October because the Florida Department of Transportation is expediting the process of making repairs.

Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that a contract for the bridge repair had been awarded.

Once the immediate repairs are completed, first responders will have access to the island to conduct their ongoing rescue missions. Residents will also be able to drive from the mainland to Sanibel Island.

The causeway's permanent long-term repairs will be addressed after the immediate recovery efforts have subsided.

"The emergency repairs being done now will offer a safe passage for immediate access and will also be incorporated into long-term repair plans," FDOT said in a statement. "This means that repairs being done now will tie into work that will be needed for permanent repairs."

Hurricane Ian left the bridge heavily damaged in several places and devastated the barrier islands along the Southwest Florida shoreline.


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