LCEC Misses Goal, Thousands Remain In The Dark

Maze of power lines against deep blue sky

Photo: iStockphoto

Twelve days after Hurricane Ian devastated Southwest Florida, thousands of people are still in the dark.

On Monday morning, Lee County Electric Co-op announced that over 19,000 customers in Cape Coral and North Fort Myers still haven’t had their power restored.

According to LCEC, crews were making good progress on Sunday as they worked to restore power to the remaining customers. However, a harsh lighting storm knocked out the power of previously fixed customers, and crews will return to restore power at those locations today.

LCEC set a goal of getting 95% of its customers back online by Saturday.

“The optimistic estimate was off the mark by a few percentage and the restoration team will continue to work until every home and business that is able to receive power is brought back online,” LCEC said in a press release Sunday morning.


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