Best Taco Spots In Southwest Florida For National Taco Day

I'd like consider myself a when I found today is National Taco Day I felt like celebrating for dinner! I googled the best taco spots in Southwest Florida and here is the list that pops up:

  • La Ola, Fort Myers Beach.
  • Lobster Lady, Cape Coral.
  • Salado Pedro's, San Carlos.
  • El Azteca Taqueria, Cape Coral.
  • La Casita, south Fort Myers.
  • Taqueria San Julian, south Fort Myers and Naples.
  • Los Cabos Cantina, Fort Myers.
  • Taco Pancho, Cape Coral and Bonita Springs.

If you would like to check out the list from google click here.

My personal favorite taco spots in Southwest Florida are:

  • Taquitos El Chaparro - Ortiz Ave Fort Myers
  • Marias - Bonita Springs
  • Carniceria Monterey - Cleveland Ave Fort Myers
  • Taqueria San Julian - Fort Myers
  • Yo Taco - (after day drinking) Fort Myers Beach


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