Kodak Black's Fans Are Worried After An Awkward Interview Goes Viral

#KodakBlack was trending on Twitter and a lot of his fans were concerned after an interview he did went viral.

In the interview/reaction video for his own song "Super Gremlin" you can see Kodak's eyes bloodshot red.

It appears from time to time in the interview that he closes his eyes as if he's dozing off and he looks like he's slurring when he's talking time to time.

The hosts of the reaction video interview look like they don't even know how to react to Kodak's awkward answers.

In the end Kodak does look like he's in a good mood and maybe he was just stoned off of good weed.

Maybe Kodak was just being Kodak in his ways.

Kodak Black was aware that his fans were concerned for him and he responded on social media to say that he's ok.

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