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Video Cam Footage Of Florida Man Shooting His Own Car In Road Rage Incident

A 30 year-old fire inspector from Miami, Florida was caught on a dashcam having a road rage incident..

Eric Popper is the name of the driver seen in the video and you can hear him cussing out a driver who honked at him from behind.

Popper then begins to take out his hand gun out of the center console.

You can see Popper put on his breaks when he believed that the vehicle behind him was tailgating him.

Popper then began to fire his gun at the car that passed him up.

He shot 11 times at the other car and claims that he did it in self defense.

Popper was arrested on felony charges and the other driver confessed to throwing a water bottle at him during the incident.

Popper's attorney claims that the sound of the water bottle hitting the car is what made Popper act in self defense and initiated him into firing the weapon.

Watch the entire video unedited down below. *Warning : Strong Language*

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