Greatest ad for a house EVER


Beautiful Lake and Mountain Views!

Exclusive! Awesome Power magical healing site with awesome power

People report healing mind body and/or spirit during and after being on the property

Amazing scenery, quiet, serene, and peaceful

Well known power sites in the world are typically owned by the country of location. Well, now you can own an equally powerful site known only to a few to have as your very own to do with as you will.

Home elevation 2120 ft with land past the house whereupon the elevation goes much higher. OWN YOUR OWN MOUNTAIN TOP. INCREDIBLE PEACE AND PRIVACY!

Great Business Opportunity

Property for sale with the most amazing energy and vibration ever, one could easily feel the awe and humbleness similar to visiting Stonehenge and the Pyramids.

Welcome to: Intergalactic and Interdimensional energy site. This is a site and center in its own right, in addition to being part and parcel of an interweaving of similar energy vibratory sites around the globe, and, indeed around the cosmos.

This amazing property of 23.37 acres located in southwest Virginia has the blessings of many realized sacred sites on it, in addition to a home. The sacred sites, in totality represent and hold the energy of unification, oneness for the healing of earth and all who dwells on it, in addition to blessing earths role as part of the galaxies journey back into light and oneness. Its energies hold the magic of the spiritual, the metaphysical, all that we can be, indeed all that we truly already are. As the Sun radiates out, on its own, warmth and light, so too this Stargate Property, on its own radiates out light and love. And as in the solar system each one of the planets carries its own vibration in addition to carrying and combining themselves with the other planets creating a unified and infinite vibratory frequency, so too, this Stargate Property carries its own vibration and radiates out and combines its energies with other energy centers of like mind, as the Pyramids around the globe do. Safe, stable area for Tectonic activity.

Come journey with me to this Crystalline property

1- 42,000 year old intergalactic medicine wheel- this phenomenal medicine wheel was created 42,000 year ago, on earth month and day date June 24 by 36 INTERGALACTIC beings who, at this site, gathered together with a commitment to maintain this site and use it as a healing energy grid in its own right, as well as utilizing its energies in conjunction with other healing energy grids around the globe, and, indeed, around the cosmos.

More recently, this medicine wheel has been recognized by the Cave Dwellers, and the Cherokees. Since the present stewards caretaking, this intergalactic medicine wheel has gone through major transformations with rocks being placed and changed and removed as the transformation was taking place. Some markings remain to date.

There is a potential well site between the medicine wheel and the labyrinth.

2- Interdimensional Healing Labyrinth The Age of Aquarius represents the Water Bearer, Water is compassion. The Age of Aquarius heralds in worldwide unity, wholeness, unification, oneness, with the hoop of all the nations dancing around together in peace, in harmony, in equality, celebrating our differences as well as our sameness in mutual Honor, Respect, caring, sharing knowing as one grows we all grow, as, indeed WE ARE ALL ONE.

This phenomenal Age of Aquarius labyrinth was placed, physically with rocks and garden posts, the project was completed on February 14, 1997, on Valentines Day, when the Star alignment formed the shape of the center of the Labyrinth. By 1999 the Labyrinth was fully imprinted on and in the earth, and will remain so for the next 2000 years, for the whole Age of Aquarius. There were around 400 stones creating the labyrinth: the center is a 6 pointed star, surrounded by a hexagon, surrounded by an 8 pointed star, surrounded by an octagon, surrounded by a circle. Once the labyrinth was imprinted the stones and garden posts were removed and some markings remain.

Intergalactic Star beings visit regularly in spirit form in Joy, Light and Goodwill.

Star beings ancient landing site, with amazing LIGHT present on the area. Underneath the labyrinth is a pyramid that will eventually surface.

3- Precious Water Table and water wheel site. Next to this is another potential well site. There are gigantic trees in a circle marked with paint. This needs to be left alone for the protection of the water.

4- Gatekeeper site above the present home marking a gateway through time and space

5- Guardian site

6- Unmarked burial site of the spirit of an ancient elder

7- Corner unification site where 3 trees meet in a triangle on one of the highest spots on the land.

8- Purification site, this area maintains amazing Peace and Comfort

9- Heaven meets Earth site

10- Entrance into Bristol caverns, area above it found, actual entrance still to be unearthed

11- Stargate and family

12- Second landing site

13- 2 separate elder sites

14- Sweat lodge site in the shape of a figure 8 down in a valley together with a pond. Most peaceful spot on property.

15- Further down in the same valley area is a very big pond that is both spring fed and the water comes down from the top of the property. The big pond has a recently built dam.

16- Healing grotto by home. Around the home and the driveway there are almost 1000 rocks in different placements, all brought in from outside, as well as 50 tons of boulders which make up the healing grotto, the medicine wheel and a few just scattered all around the house area.

17- Medicine wheel by home

18- Heart mandala in front of house. The heart shaped rock formation is further from the grotto.

19- Painted Healing Spirals going from the house starting up the mountain on rock slabs. Spirals and other forms painted on the rocks.

This property is part of a POWERFUL ENERGY GRID NETWORK, and has been renewed, revitalized, and regenerated to its ancient vibrant potency, by me, the owner of this property, through years of intentional and concerted effort. As the years progress other people like me have been doing the same thing. All these sites like this site are now joining with well known sites like the Pyramids, Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, the Great Barrier Reef, Ayers Rock, and the Acropolis. WITH THIS THE VALUE OF THIS HOME AND LAND IS PRICELESS. Therefore, whoever owns this property has power beyond compare to create whatever they want for themselves and to change the world.

This is an Intergalactic, Interdimensional Energy Communication center in its own right, and in conjunction with other like sites around the globe, and, indeed all around the galaxy.

The property is 23.37 acres and has on it sites for additional homesteads, depending on how much space is wanted in between each. Due to length of property along Mock Knob Road, opportunity for multiple sites. Property Development opportunities are endless

Absolute Privacy

Ideal for a retreat center, spiritual community, spa, healing center

Intentional community, or whatever your heart desires

House located at Longitude 8204'18" Latitude 3636'09"

Situated in the Appalachian Mountains

2 spring fed ponds

Terrain varies, forested, farming hills and valleys, to be enjoyed and utilized for your specific need and desire

Two creeks, flow varies

The property also has a homestead on it:

The homestead elevation is 2120 above sea level, soaring above the rest of the area and community along with the birds ranging from hummingbirds to hawks, gifting all with an absolutely incredible view, wraparound view from homestead and most parts of the property of White Top Mountain and Mount Rogers, Virginias tallest mountains, and Holston Lake and Holston Mountains. One morning the owner awoke to find 2 red tail hawks perched on the windowsill. Imagine her sense of wonder as they flew down to the deck railing, opening and closing their wings.


Unlimited Sunrises, and your own ringside seat for the fireworks in the luxury of your bedroom, great room, or deck.

View Sunsets from a little bit to the back of the house.

The home is contemporary style with that extra flair which appeals to the artist at heart, cedar construction outside and most of the inside. It has two stories with two different staircases on opposite ends of the home, leading to the two upstairs bedrooms, affording privacy. There are 8 rooms which includes 3 bedrooms, two full baths, a great room with a fireplace, and a sun room.

Take a bath in the bathtub and enjoy the amazing view of mountains, valleys while the beloved evergreen lovingly stand guard right outside the picture window.

Heat/AC Environmentally correct from a very effective passive solar system, big wood burning stove (with cooktop) and /or

Two heat pumps for heating and air conditioning

2200 square footage, 1st floor 1300, 2nd floor, 900

Five rung 5 feet high barbed wire fence, with steel gate with lock creating a completely enclosed sanctuary for you

wood shed, completely enclosed

Awning over doorway for sun, rain and snow free sitting and being on deck

House shaped extra-large steel mailbox

House faces Southeast affording excellent passive solar heat

Stone fireplace with wood stove insert

Sunroom off master bedroom

Laundry room with washer and dryer

Schools Highpoint, Wallace, Battle

ETSU, Northeast State, Emory and Henry among other colleges

many golf courses and country clubs

Holston Lake 3 minutes away for boating and fishing

Hwy 81 less than 10 miles

Historic Abingdon and Bristol less than 20 minutes

Well water, 200 feet

Well water stays clean due to elevation of property

2 potential well sites on top of property

Septic Tank

Brand new Asphalt Roof

Gravel Drive which leads you up to your VERY private homestead and land

hardwood floor in living room and entrance-way

500 sq. foot of decking winding around the home

Built 1977, addition 1985


Recent refrigerator

ceiling fan

Security system

Lots of storage

Additional new insulation

New windows for extra ventilation

Hand-crafted mosaic tile counter tops in bathrooms and kitchen

Kohler toilets and sinks

Ample closet space

3 walls in great room have hand painted murals by owner

Current owner dislikes clutter and therefore has been living for years without furniture

2 decorative windows in doors

Gigantic enormous windows provide lots of natural light, wonderful view, ability to sleep by starlight and gaze into infinity (in both great room and bedroom)

Windows are even bigger in bedroom with extra high slanted ceilings.

Hunting on the property

Fishing in the larger pond

Lots of trees, personal forest (both evergreen and deciduous)

House surrounded by cedar, oak, pine, and other trees

Edible berries (blackberries, raspberries)

Lots of deer (family of deer visits house regularly), turkeys, and other wildlife live on the property

View of White Top Mountain as well as Mount Rogers (tallest mountain in Virginia)

100's of rocks brought in for landscaping

50 tons of boulder brought in to build grotto and medicine wheel as well as decoration for front and side of house

2 bridges into the grotto

Grotto great for safe fire making.

Rocks along fenceline along driveway and by mailbox and going up property past house. Pink and gray slabs painted by hand

Beautiful handcrafted stone fireplace with copper firebox and woodburning stove on hearth. Stove is a Jotul wood stove.

Copper detailing on deck and house with copper piping and caps around steps and roof beams

Twelve (six up and six down on ceilings) solid cedar wood beams across the whole length of the house extending out of house with copper facing

Copper copper everywhere! Decorative pillars with copper capping (patina on some of the copper), copper pipe by main front door, complete top and front of each beam extending out of house covered in copper, copper capped deck posts, copper rods on railings, outside window sills are copper, copper inside fireplace as well as slab of copper in front of wood stove to protect the floor.

Crawl space


Local Attractions:

Bristol Motor Speedway (some businesses make enough money to last all year during race week, and many people rent out their own property or part of their property, inside to stay or outside for camping to accommodate massive turn out for events, including newly added football games that can accommodate 160,000 fans) For the races as many as 500,000 people come from out of town.

Barter Theatre

Appalachian Trail (multiple trailheads)


Asheville, NC

Boone, NC

Bristol Caverns

International Storytelling Center in Jonesborough, TN

Area Festivals (Fun Fest, Bristol Rhythm and Roots, Blue Plum Festival, Trail Days, Virginia Highlands Festival, International Storytelling Festival, Kingsport Oktoberfest, Sycamore Shoals Celtic Festival, Big Stone Gap Celtic Festival, and many more. Theres always something going on!)

Due to limit of 20 photographs, more available upon request. Due to spam being over eager, if you receive no response within 48 hours, please check your spam or call on the phone. The property is located in the Eastern Time Zone (UTC-5:00)

Property will be sold as is.

Next time try NOT to drop acid before writing an ad!