This slime creator makes up to $200,000 a month

This Slime Creator Makes Up to $200,000 a Month

Slime queen Karina Garcia makes bank.

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Jun 26, 2017


I, like I suspect many of you have, got into slime by poking around (pun intended) on social media. I started getting into those "satisfying" videos through YouTube and have since discovered the wonderful world of slime videos. Whether creators and posters are sharing clear slime, fluffy slime, charm slime, floam, fishbowl slime, or any other number of slime variants, slime is clearly a Thing, and so naturally, many of the folks who make these videos are cashing in.

Karina Garcia used to be a waitress but now the 23-year-old is all slime, all the time. And in a writeup in the New York Times, Garcia (who mainly posts on YouTube and Instagram) shared not just that she's making some money, but she's making big money:

"There are times when it’s $200,000 in a really good month ... I’ve retired my parents. It’s definitely really crazy. Even I can’t believe it. I’m like, ‘How is this happening?"

Two hundred thousand dollars a month, all from sponsorship deals that came about as a result from her slime videos (as Garcia, unlike most other slime creators, doesn't sell her creations). If that seems wild, just think: Garcia started filming her slime videos in fall 2015 and just built her audience to the point where she's now bought a six-bedroom home in Riverside, California, with a filming studio, pool, a hot tub, and a guesthouse. Long live the American dream.


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