Here’s what the original Nickelodeon slime was made out of


Here’s What The Original Nickelodeon Slime On ‘Double Dare’ Was Made Out Of

BY  06.27.17

Nickelodeon’s ‘slime’ was made famous on the TV show Double Dare, hosted by Marc Summers back in the late 1980’s. From there, it became a staple on Nickelodeon programs and even went on to birth commercial products like Nickelodeon‘s Gak.

You can search Google for ‘Nickelodeon Slim’ recipe and you’ll find a literal shit ton of results, almost none of which are actually legit. In the clip above, former Double Dare host Marc Summers discusses how much the original slime recipe varies from what he sees online today.


If you click on they very first Google search result for ‘Nickelodeon Slime Recipe’ it takes you to a Wikihow article on ‘7 ways to make Nickelodeon slime’. That article has a Jello-Base slime recipe, cornstarch recipe, liquid starch, Borax based, glow-in-the-dark, and two edible recipes. Nowhere does it teach you how to make the original Nickelodeon slime which consisted of Vanilla Pudding, Apple Sauce, Green Food Coloring, and a little bit of oatmeal. That’s all that goes into making the original Nickelodeon slime.

Sure, it might be a little nasty to combine all of those ingredients together but if you want to stay true to the game then that’s the sacrifce you’re giong to have to make. (h/t Tech Insider YouTube)