Here’s a bikini…made of pizza

 $10,000 Pizza Bikini

Lauren Evans

Saturday 7:30pm


Image via Facebook

There is only one thing worse than wearing a bikini made of pizza, and that is paying $10,000 for a bikini made of pizza. This is a marketing ploy, I know, but disgust is the blogger’s Kryptonite. I’ll retaliate by refusing to mention the name of the Italian restaurant that masterminded this devilry. Yeah, it’s in the photo caption, but I’m trying to do my part.

Why is it wrong to buy a $10,000 bikini made of pizza? Third-degree burns, for one thing. Yeast infections, for another. Why would you want either of those things associated with your eatery? If you really want to wear pizza that badly, just wrap your torso in a few slices of Koronet and you’ll have your own pizza straightjacket!