People officially have the most sex over the summer

People Officially Have the Most Sex Over the Summer

According to a new survey, people have the most sex in July and August.

July Sex Stats

It's no secret that hotter temps outside can translate to a hotter life under the covers. (Hellooo, summer flings.) There's something about summer breezes, smaller clothing, and #treatyoself weekend vibes that make you feel sexy AF all summer long. (Next up: 10 ways to heat up summer sex.)

But now there's actual proof that summer does indeed mean more sex: July is the peak month for sex, followed by August, according to a survey of 2,000 people by online sex toy retailer Lovehoney.

About a quarter (24 percent) of people reported having the most sex in July, followed closely by August (22 percent), and June (18 percent). Only 8 percent of couples reported having the most sex in May, 7 percent in December (Happy Holidays!), and November brings up the bottom spot, with zero percent of couples reporting that month as being their ~sexiest~. (We'll just blame the monthlong pre- and post-Thanksgiving food coma.)

Most Popular Months for Sex

  1. July 24%
  2. August 22%
  3. June 18%
  4. May 8%
  5. December 7%
  6. February 6%
  7. September 5%
  8. April 4%
  9. October 3%
  10. March 2%
  11. January 1%
  12. November 0%

Why exactly is everyone getting so rowdy in the summer? Basically, it's like a season-long vaca—which is also a time when your sex life can really shine. (No getaway scheduled for this summer? No worries; here's how to have amazing vacation-style sex at home.)

"We're permanently worked up by a combination of sensual triggers on vacation," says sexpert Tracey Cox in a release. "A tan makes even the body-conscious feel good about being naked. Spreading sunscreen on each other is drop-dead sexy... Heat and humidity make us slow down: We're too relaxed to move, too laid-back to lift a limb, and happy to lie back and enjoy lazy, languid lovemaking... Delicious!" (Just make sure you're following these vacation sex safety tips—because sand just doesn't belong in some places.)


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