There is now a French Fry car holder

There’s now a french fry car holder to make your drive-thru experience even better

Behold: the french fry car holder to meet all your drive-thru needs

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Anyone who visits the McDonald’s drive-thru on a regular basis (even those who don’t want to admit it’s definitely more than a weekly thing) knows that actually eating your meal on-the-go can be very difficult. 

Sure, there’s a drinks holder for your coke – or milkshake if you’re going all out – but when it comes to your burger and fries you’re pretty limited as to where you can place it.

While some leave the food in its bag for when they get home, others want to pick at their fries while they drive – but it seems it’s almost impossible without making a mess or leaving them so long that they go cold.

Behold: the french fry car holder to meet all your drive-thru needs

(Picture: Amazon)

But, my fellow fry-lovers, there is now a way to dig into your fries without having to park up in the McDonald’s car park.

Introducing: the french fry car holder.

The holder is shaped so that it perfectly slots into your car’s drinks holder. It then has an opening big enough to securely hold a portion of regular fries – which is great for those who like a standard meal, but not so great for those who tend to go large (though this can easily be sorted out with two holders and a portion of large fries split into both, even if it is extra effort).

Behold: the french fry car holder to meet all your drive-thru needs

(Picture: Amazon)

But regardless of the size, this is an amazing idea. With your fries slotted into the nearest holder to the driver’s seat, you can now munch on your salty snack without having to leave them for the microwave at home.

The only downside? There isn’t a holder for your burger, nuggets, or sweet and sour sauce. We know, it’s a travesty – but at least it’s a step in the right direction, right?

Amazon shared a review of the fry holder – which retails for $5.99 on the US site but can be found for £5.89 here – to their Facebook page recently, which was nothing less than positive.

The review read: ‘Bought this for my wife as she is a french fry lover to the MAX. I gave it to her thinking it was a ‘nice’ or ‘OK’ novelty item for the truck. You would have thought it was the Hope Diamond.

‘We immediately had to go to Sonic and try it out and it worked well. I am her hero. Always have been, but it’s refreshing to watch such happiness.’

And the reviewer wasn’t the only one going crazy for the product, with many McDonald’s fanatics chiming in with their own comments on the post.

One woman wrote: ‘I need this in my life because of my french fries obsession. Especially when I was pregnant and always wanted fries!’

Behold: the french fry car holder to meet all your drive-thru needs

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And another, more clued up fast food lover made one very clever suggestion: ‘If only it plugged into the cigarette lighter to keep the fries warm…’

If only.

Now, all Amazon need to do to make it the perfect drive-thru experience for all, is to supply us with a sauce holder, a car-safe plate for our burgers and an even larger holder for our chicken nuggets.

That way, we can all bid farewell to the microwave – and sitting in the McDonald’s car park at 12am just to eat our fries at their best.

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