Fight over a hedgehog lands a man in jail because Florida

Florida man jailed after fighting teenage son. He said it started with a hedgehog.


It started with a fight over a hedgehog. It ended with a Greenacres man pushing a wheelchair with a baseball bat and a machete.

Homer Stacy II, 53, was arrested Sunday on aggravated assault and battery charges after authorities said he armed himself during a fight with his 18-year-old son, Jacob Stacy.

Homer Stacy told police that he tried to tell his son to come get the critter from his house and that his son pushed him, according to a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office report.

His son, however, told police that his father was drinking and told him to “go hurt” Carole Sitterson, the woman his wife was staying with. Stacy refused and started collecting his belongings to go see his mother. According to Stacy, his father started yelling and stabbing the door with a pocket knife.

Stacy told police that he tried to leave through the back door, but his father pushed him down.

He eventually left the house, and then came back later to get the hedgehog and the rest of his things. As he was leaving the house with his belongings, he saw his father in the street. Homer Stacy took off his shirt and picked up the baseball bat from the back pocket of the wheelchair.

According to the report, he told his son “to get closer to him so that he could hurt him.”

When police asked why Stacy was armed with so many weapons, he said that he was protecting himself from his son. He started grabbing tree branches while talking to police, and “went back and forth between being cooperative to belligerent,” as written in the report.

While Stacy was in the police car, he screamed at his son through the window: “I’m going to f---ing kill you.”

In 1993, Stacy was involved in a domestic relations case involving his family, according to court records.

Stacy was taken to Palm Beach County jail, where he remained Tuesday without bond.