This country is the orgasm capital of the world

This country is the orgasm capital of the world

Some regions are known for their outstanding lifespans, others are renowned for their food and wine, but this one ranks supreme as far as climax frequency and satisfaction are concerned.

by Melissa Mohabir

August 7, 2017 11.10am


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IF YOU WERE to guess which country has the most mind-melting, satisfying sex, what would it be? Croatia—wild and carefree? France—romantic and passionate? Brazil—hot and uninhibited? 

Turns out, none of the above, according to sex toy company LELO.

Norway, it turns out, is the most sexually accomplished country, according to a survey LELO conducted, including over 2,200 people from 21 different countries.

About 35% of Norwegians reportedly orgasm at least once a day—beating the global average of two to three times per week. To put that into perspective even more, only 11% of Brits climax once a day and 41% of Swedes orgasm 2-3 times per week.

LELO also unveiled some interesting sex stats around the world.  

About 3% of Germans claimed they've never had an orgasm before, while the numbers climb to 15% of Canadians (learn how to help a woman have her first orgam). Unfortunately for the land up north, when participants do climax, most rate the intensity of their orgasm at 1 out of 10. 

Americans fare better, majority said their orgasm intensity hovers around 7 out of 10.

It's Chile, Italy, and Spain, though, who are truly satisfied. Around 10-13% rated the power of their orgasms within the highest percentile.

Around 35% of Australians keep their lips sealed during sex, while 65% of Brazilians, 38% of Croatians, and 10% of French men and women get vocal when they climax

And, unsurprisingly, 91% of men come during sex, while only about 64% of women reach climax.

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