5 lies all women tell men about themselves

Warning: 5 Lies All Women Tell Men About Themselves


Why do people lie? There are all sorts of reasons, but it’s usually to save face or keep someone off your back about something. When it comes to dating, we're all guilty of lying a little—or at least stretching the truth—to reel people in; likewise, we lie to push them away. Here are some of the most common white lies women tell, what they really mean, and how you can handle it. Photo: Getty Images/fcscafeine


1. “I’m not interested in romance…” What we really mean: We’re not stage-five clingers, but we’re human, so yeah, romance might happen. What to do about it: If she says this to you, it doesn’t mean she’s going to have you in a headlock asking you to propose in a month, but it does mean she’s cautious of the common dude’s biggest concern: the clinger. Be prepared that any woman you get involved with might develop feelings. It’s only natural. If you can’t handle the possibility, be very direct and create boundaries. Photo: Getty Images/Astarot


2. “I get ready fast, in like five minutes…” What we really mean: It might be five minutes; it might be 45 minutes. Don’t worry about it. What to do about it: You need to make a drink, pull out your phone and be prepared to pass the time with patience. We may actually shoot for five minutes, but we can’t account for obstacles like our planned outfit not fitting right, or our hair not cooperating. Photo: Getty Images/ArthurHidden


3. “I can go with the flow…” What we really mean: We are pretty easygoing so long as things go the way we want. What to do about it: For the guy’s girl who will literally do whatever you want, good looks. But the majority of women like to have a little control, and often have their own interests outside of yours, so you should probably get to know us a little better. That way, your suggestions are in alignment with what we like. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice what you like or want to do, but it shouldn’t be something you know we’ll hate. Photo: Getty Images/jacoblund


4. “I don’t put a lot of time into my looks…” What we really mean: We don’t want you to think we’re fake, but, yes, we keep up with our appearances. What to do about it: If by not putting a lot of time into our looks means not dying our roots every two weeks, wearing fake eyelashes on the reg or getting Botox, fine. But many of us we do pluck, wax and shave. We do like to smell good, and we do like to wear clothes that make us feel good. You may not know it, but sometimes our tans are paid for and our glowing skin that’s makeup-free is the result of a damn good facialist. Just embrace it. Photo: Getty Images/KatarzynaBialasiewicz


5. “I don't get mad easily...” What we really mean: We won’t get mad as long as it doesn’t piss us off. What to do about it: We don’t want to be mad at you, but if you’re keeping something from us because you think we might get mad, we’ll probably get mad. We also won’t let it go until you tell us what’s up, so there’s really no easy way out here. Just be honest and deal with the consequences. Photo: Getty Images/Bobex-73

Source: mademan.com