Tindstagramming is the new way to be a creep

Heads up, weirdos: Tindstagramming will definitely not help you convince that girl that she should date you524

They're a little too close for comfort.

They're a little too close for comfort.



Have you gotten an Instagram DM from a guy you weren’t into on Tinder? Congrats, you’ve just been Tindstagrammed. Ugh.

Tindstragramming is just one of the many new ways to stalk people online that dating apps have given us. In a recent rundown of this dreadful phenomenon, Select All defines it as “The act of sneaking into someone’s Instagram DMs after failing to match with them on Tinder,” and if you’ve spent much time swiping left you’ve no doubt experienced it first hand. 

Back in the good old days, when you swiped right on someone on Tinder but they didn’t swipe right on you, no match was made and that was the end. But in 2015, the dating app started letting its users link up to their Instagram accounts. It was meant to let you show off more of your perfectly curated life, but it also gave people a way to find you outside of the app.

And here we are in a chilling new era where our Instagram DMs are open to the masses. Tindstagramming is now a common complaint — especially among women who wish the guys they rejected could take no for an answer.

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📎 @LernerJam

me on @Tinder: don't msg me on Instagram if I don't swipe rightman messaging me on @instagram that found me on tinder: but I'm a feminist

Kitty Devine @Kitty_XS

My Instagram message requests folder is just full of guys I didn't swipe right to on Tinder.

the last webmaster @ThatAndPotatoes

i connected my instagram to my tinder account n apparently guys in chicago think that means "slide in my DMs if we don't match"

Men (sure, it’s not all dudes, but let’s be honest it’s mostly dudes) may think that sliding into your Instagram DMs gives them a chance to really make their case, but here’s the thing: it rarely works. Instead it feels like a very unwelcome invasion. 

While it would be nice if they would just get the message and stop pushing it, what are the odds of that? You can try your best to combat this plague yourself by wiping any trace of your Insta information from your Tinder profile. But even that's not gonna be enough to stop the most persistent of weirdos from finding you. 

There is only one real solution: throw your phone into the sea and never look back.

Source: mashable.com