4 weird things you only learn about your partner after you live together

4 Weird Things You Only Discover About Your Partner After You Live Together



Things You Discover After You Start Living Together

Paula Mooney


October 9, 2017

Some of them good, some of them not-so-good.

When you're dating someone, it’s easy to be blinded by your infatuations and overlook issues that might be pretty obvious to other people. It’s also possible that you don’t notice some of the hidden talents and less-obvious attributes your partner possesses.

But this all changes when you move in together. Suddenly, everything is exposed for you both to see.

This is when you need to get ready for a crash course about your significant other.

You think you know everything there is to know about them. You’ve dated for months, spent a lot of time together, and know what each another is thinking before anything is said.

But until you start living together before marriage, you really don’t know someone. Within days of moving in together, you’ll gain some insightsinto the following:

1. Hygiene habits

Your partner shows up to dates looking well put-together. Even when you drop by with just a few minutes notice, he seems rather clean and fresh. When you live together, though, you’ll quickly discover what each other’s hygiene habits are really like.

Does he shower on a daily basis? Does he shower multiple times per day? Is he a lazy brusher or does he even floss? Does he leave hair everywhere when he shaves?

These may seem like inconsequential issues — and they are in the grand scheme of things — but you may be shocked (good or bad) to learn certain things about your partner’s hygiene.


2. Sleeping peculiarities

Even if you’ve spent a couple of nights together in the past, you’ll begin to notice any sleeping peculiarities that your partner has once you start sleeping together on a nightly basis.

Small things that didn’t bother you before — such as occasional snoring — suddenly become frustrating and annoying when you have to deal with them day after day (or, in this case, night after night). 

3. Personal space

Everyone has their own definition of what personal space looks like. Some people love to cuddle and share their personal space as much as possible. Other people would prefer to have some space.

You might not realize this until you live together and are around one another for days on end. Don’t be shocked if your partner ends up having a different definition of personal space than you. Have an open conversation about it and find a happy medium.

4. Weird hobbies and interests

Most people can put on a good face in public and subdue any of the weird interests they may have in their personal lives for the sake of fitting in. When you live together, all of that is off the table.

His obsession with playing online poker? Yeah, you’re going to pick up that pretty quickly. Her anime comic book collection? You’ll find it.

Sometimes these hobbies and interests are endearing, and other times they aren’t. Either way, you’ll know they exist and nothing will remain in the dark any longer.

 On the positive side, you get to see your significant other for who they really are. This allows you to identify hidden negative traits that you might not have known existed. If there are some deal-breakers tucked inside these traits, then you’ll be thankful that you did it.

There are also some cons to moving in together, though. If you do it prematurely, you may actually compromise what is otherwise a healthy and slow-moving relationship with lots of promise, not to mention the fact that the term "living in sin" actually comes from the biblical edict that says sex outside of marriage is not what God wants for couples.

One thing is for sure: When you move in together, you will get a full and unobstructed view of one another. Whether this is good or bad is for you to decide.

Source: yourtango.com