Mia Khalifa trolled Steph Curry about his newly-revealed foot fetish

Mia Khalifa Trolled Steph Curry With A Photo On Twitter About His Newly-Revealed Foot Fetish

by 23 hours ago

A few days ago Ayesha Curry made an appearance on the daytime talk show The Real. While on the show she let slip something rather personal about her husband, Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry.

While playing a game called “Cellphone Roulette” Ayesha was asked to share an “unusual” picture on her phone. When she came across a photo of her feet and showed it to the group things started to unravel.

Why does she have a photo of her feet on her phone?

“My husband really loves my feet,” Ayesha explained. “And so, like, the light was hitting them just right that day, so I was like, let me just snap this photo and send him a picture of my feet. So when he says to send nudes, like, that’s what he’s getting, a picture of my bare feet.”


Yeah, we feel you, Rex. Calm down.

My initial reaction was that Steph is going to be in for a lot of ribbing when he hits the road for at least a few games this season because sports fans are nothing if not reasonable people.

Naturally, because it’s what she does, Mia Khalifa, who may or may not have been kicked out of the stadium during game one of the NLCS, simply could not resist taking a shot at Curry with some sort of trolljob over his fetish.

Well played, Mia. Well played.

My only question is, “What took her so long?” Maybe she was still stinging from getting faced by Baker Mayfield after she tried flirting with him on Twitter.

Not everyone appreciated her efforts, however.

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