4 breakfast trends that dominated 2017

The 4 Breakfast Trends That Dominated 2017

How many did you eat?

REBECCA FIRKSER November 10, 2017

For some people, breakfast is more about trends than nourishment. Some of the latest breakfast trends can’t possibly taste good (please @ me if you genuinely enjoy spirulina and dyed cream cheese with activated charcoal on bread—excuse me, mermaid toast—I want to talk to you). But thankfully, the majority of trendy breakfast foods these days actually make for a meal that will keep you energized throughout the morning. Working with data based on meal entries from over 220 million users of the app MyFitnessPal, Self has reported on the biggest breakfast trends of 2017. Some are meals you've probably made in the last week. I know I have. And no, mermaid toast didn’t make the cut.

Avocado Toast


Self reports that there was a 49.4 percent increase in avocado toast meal entries (and over 533,900 Instagram photos) from 2016 to 2017. No surprise there. Whether this is a result of men thinking avocado toast makes their hair grow stronger or Alison Roman’s killer everything seasoning mix, there’s no doubt people love their avo toast. Though, if this is your go-to breakfast, hopefully you’ve already bought a house.

Overnight Oats


I hear a lot of people trashing oatmeal, casting it off as the sad stepchild of the breakfast world, but clearly we’re all secretly still eating it. This data report showed 51.4 percent more users were logging overnight oats in the past year, and posted 413,200 photos of the dish on Instagram. Overnight oats is all about the toppings, and with options like melted peanut butter, blueberry puree, and breakfast-approved cookie dough, this dish’s popularity is a no-brainer.

Protein Pancakes


A chalky protein smoothie isn’t exactly a fun breakfast, but you know what is? Pancakes. Self reports a 30.2 percent increase in entries of protein pancakes, with over 480,000 Instagrams. Before you make a face, protein pancakes don’t necessarily need to be made with that vanilla-and-chemical-flavored powder you’ll find in the supplement section of the grocery store. Use a high-protein flour made from whole wheat or quinoa, or add your favorite nut butter (powdered peanut butter works, too).



The humble frittata may not be anything new, but that doesn’t mean it won’t withstand the changing times. With 214,500 Instagrams and a 47.1 percent uptick in logging this past year, we can safely say frittatas aren’t going anywhere. Try making one with zoodles, herbs, or, if you’re looking at a relaxing morning, even cannabis.

Source: extracrispy.com 

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