Divorce selfies are a thing

Divorce Selfies Are Trending—but Would You Take One?ByRACHEL BOWIE 

| NOV. 29, 2017

Divorce Selfies Are Trending—but Would You Take One?


It’s not uncommon to turn to Facebook or Instagram to document the moment you and your partner secure your marriage license (eeee!)—but what about the moment you return to city hall together to tear it up? Apparently, there’s a name for the new and modern relationship trend: The divorce selfie. Here, a handy guide to the ins and outs. 

I need more details. What is a divorce selfie? Basically, it’s when you and your partner snap a pic to capture the legal and amicable dissolution of your marriage. You can take it as you sign the papers, with the city hall clerk, outside—or over drinks—after the deed is done. Whatever works. The final step to making it social media official is adding the hashtag: #divorceselfie. You’re done. 

Whoa, isn’t that being a little flippant about a negative event? On the contrary. The idea of the divorce selfie is that it puts a positive spin on a tough situation and shows that you’re both taking the high road. Think of it as the social media equivalent of “conscious uncoupling.” (Hey, there’s a reason most captions can be summarized by: “Love you forever—but now just as friends.”) 

Gut check: Would you take one? You might not know until you’re in the moment. It also might come down to how much you tend to share online. And, of course, how good your hair is looking on the day of your divorce.

Source: purewow.com