Argentina’s “sexiest weathergirl” insures her ass

Argentina's 'sexiest weathergirl' insures her famous bum for a whopping £72,000 to protect it from "all risks"

Sol Perez, 24, will receive a huge payout should anything happen to her most prized asset

A weathergirl dubbed 'Argentina's sexiest' has insured her famous bum to protect it from "all risks".

Sol Perez insured her taut derriere for £72,000 GBP (2million Argentine Pesos) after finding a company who was willing to offer a suitable settlement for her most-prized asset.

The 24-year-old is a huge Latin America media star and is considered the sexiest weathergirl in her home country of Argentina.

The blonde bombshell appears on TyC Sports channel and has millions of social media followers.

Sol Perez has insured her most prized asset (Image: Instagram/lasobrideperez)

Perez's saucy snaps often receive hundreds of thousands of likes and comments, while her weather forecasts are said to be so popular that they make men late for work.

The model's pert behind usually takes centre-stage in all images, therefore Perez has decided to insure it against "all risks".

The weathergirl has been dubbed 'Argentina's sexiest' (Image: Instagram/lasobrideperez)

Perez has protected her bum for £72,000 (Image: Instagram/lasobrideperez)

The star will receive a hefty payout should anything happen to it.

Perez recently confessed that she has gained over 10 kilogrammes of body weight thanks to her intense fitness regime.

The busty presenter is a fan favourite (Image: Instagram/lasobrideperez)

The busty presenter said that fitness and weightlifting give her petite frame the best look: "I like the culture around fitness and the atmosphere of a gym.

"It is trendy to post workout pictures at the moment but I only share what I want others to see."

The star regularly posts sexy selfies (Image: Instagram/lasobrideperez)

It was recently reported that Perez was paid a whopping £250,000 for seven performances in the theatre show La Isla Encantada (The Enchanted Island) which outraged her co-stars.