The Popeye’s chicken sandwich makes its return Sunday

Popeye's chicken sandwich makes its' return on Sunday. You see what they did there?

If you remember the Chicken Sandwich War of 2019, a few months ago Popeye's took a shot a Chick-fil-A and announced to the world their chicken sandwich. the big surprise to me was that Popeye's didn't have a chicken sandwich until now, but that's neither here, nor there. With a LOT of hype, mostly on social media, the Popeye's chicken sandwich had people in lines for hours and they very quickly completely sold out of them. They said the sandwich would be back and Sunday is apparently the day. The question is, do we still care? Or has the hype machine that fueled their original launch come to a halt? Are people still interested and willing to wait in long lines again? And most importantly, why are we all fighting about this when we ALL should know the best chciken sandwich in the biz is Burger King's original chicken sandwich, but I digest, or digress...more here