WTF (What The Florida?)

Ahh yes, WTF, the adventures of Florida man and Florida Woman! It's been quite a week, so let's look at some of the stories from around the Funshine State shall we?

First, we go to a Florida Man who was robbed, so he did what anyone would do in that situation, he called the police. The problem is, the items stolen from this man was $50 in cash and a quarter ouonce of cocaine and he wanted it back! The police obliged him by investigating and found even MORE of his cocaine in his car. He was promptly arrested and you can see more here


Our next story centers around two Florida Men, brothers, who got into a heated argument about the Bible when one of the brothers pulled a gun and started firing shots at his sibling! I am no Bible expert, but I'm PRETTY SURE there's some stuff in there about NOT doing that. Anyway, check out more here


Our favorite, final story of the week that was WTF involves this couple right here. The woman pictured assaulted her boyfriend when he suggested that she NOT drink as much. She took that constructive criticism not-too-well at ALL and slammed two beers together and chugged them Stone Cold Steve Austin-style and then hit him in the throat! She continued her assault until police arrived and as is typical, this Florida Woman was arrested. More here