Cruise passengers booted from a ship for having loud sex

Cruise passengers claim they were booted from a ship for having loud sex

The New York Post reports that the couple claims they were kicked off for having loud sex, but the cruise company offered a much different reason for kicking them off. Regardless, they are filing a lawsuit, because of COURSE they are. According to, "That night, they say, they made love in the cabin and subsequently got into a verbal argument with each other.The woman said that the balcony door was open during their lovemaking session, during which she admitted to being quite loud, the outlet reported. Otherwise, the couple said they caused no damage to their room." Here is what the cruise line said, "TUI Cruises would not confirm why the couple was removed from the ship, only saying that the couple was removed for their safety and the safety of fellow passengers.

“Due to a security-related incident TUI Cruises made use of its domestic authority rights and asked the guests to leave the vessel,” the statement reads. “This was done to protect both the guests’ safety and the safety of other travelers." Wow! Read more here