Don’t yell at your dog

Hey, don't yell at your dog. It hurts their feelings, like a LOT

From, "A heartbreaking new study finds that screaming at dogs scares them for the long term — and patience is a far superior method for training them. Researchers recruited 42 dogs from schools that used reward-based training, and 50 dogs from aversion training schools. During the study period, pups taught with yelling and leash-jerking were found to be more stressed, with higher levels of cortisol found in their saliva. “Our results show that companion dogs trained using aversive-based methods experienced poorer welfare as compared to companion dogs trained using reward-based methods, at both the short- and the long-term level,” theresearchers writein the paper published by biology news service bioRxiv." Also they found that pups that experienced calm, gentle teachers performed better at tasks. So the bottom line is, don't be a jerk and don't yell at your dog. More here