The “Bagel Guy” had a stroke outside of a deli

In an oddly fitting move, the “Bagel Guy” had a stroke outside of a deli

Chris Morgan, aka "the "Bagel Guy", or "Bagel Boss", or "angry little incel" had a stroke outside of a deli. From dailymail, "Chris Morgan – who was filmed in a viral video in July yelling and ranting at customers inside at a Bagel Boss shop in Long Island - fell ill outside a deli in the same New York area on Wednesday. Video footage shows the moments after the 45-year-old was hospitalized and a Twitter post includes close-up images of Morgan recovering in bed. The clip shows the 5ft-tall man in a hospital robe hooked up to tubes and ventilator. 'He currently has no feeling on one side and won't open his eyes,' his manager wrote on a GoFundMe page. 'He acknowledged verbal correspondence upon my arrival.' Shannon told TMZ Morgan has lost feeling on the left side of his body but was able to raise his right arm in response to him entering the room. Morgan has diabetes but it's unclear if it was connected to the stroke. He said that Morgan lives in a minivan that stays parked outside the place where the medical incident occurred." Damn, the "Bagel Guy" lives in a van outside of a deli? Yikes...more here