This much extra sleep can improve your health

This much extra sleep can improve your health and it's actually not a lot at all

From, "Adults need at leastseven hours of sleepper night, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), for good health, and most adults are not meeting that criteria.Hormones and stress can interfere with sleep, but mostly, we convince ourselves that we have too much work to do or that one extra episode can't hurt.

But the idea that busy days keep us from sleeping has been debunked by a recent study. The research found that despite busy schedules, college students were able to find time for extra sleep (approximately 43 extra minutes each night, to be exact), and it improved their overall health.

The study, led by scientists at Penn State University, gave 53 healthy undergraduate students wrist monitors to track movement and sleeping patterns. In the first week, students kept their normal sleep schedule. During the second week, they were asked to sleep one extra hour each night. As expected, most students were unable to squeeze in the full hour, but 66% were able to add more than 30 minutes nightly." If you can fit in any extra sleep, do it because the improvements to your health are totally worth it! More here