We’re getting a White Castle!

You read that right, we're getting a White Castle!!

Well not "we" as in SWFL, but the state of Florida is getting a White Castle for the first time in over 50 years in Orlando! Opening next year, the home to these perfect little sliders of goodness are going to opening in a development near Disney and I cannot wait! For those that have never been to a White Castle, hopefully you get to see what I mean if you take a trip out there. There is something magical about their sliders and all their menu items and this is great news for a lot of people who have been wishing a White Castle would open up down here! They traditionally do NOT open locations past the Mason Dixon Line, but have a location (pop-up) in Las Vegas and now soon, Orlando. I see a road trip in a LOT of our futures! More here

Source: bizjournals.com/orlando

Photos: giphy.com