It snuck past us, but yesterday was International Ninja Day

Yeah, see what I did there? "Tis true, yesterday was International Ninja Day!

From, "nternational Ninja Day recognizes the fascination associated with the history and pop culture of the ninja. 

Ninjas first appeared around the year 600. Historically, they served samurai warriors. They spied on or assassinated an enemy. While some sources suggest they were fallen samurai, most point to the common man – and woman. They walked among the farmers and servants of everyday life.

However, the skills of a ninja were passed down from generation to generation. If a father were a ninja, then he would likely train his son or daughter to be one, too." Further, here's how to observe International Ninja Day for next year, "Celebrate the day by learning more about ninjas. Read about their history or watch a ninja documentary. Try to move as quietly and as quickly as a ninja. Share your ninja tricks and secrets with someone. Learn a martial art." More here