Pole dancing could become an Olympic sport

Pole dancing could become an Olympic sport

There is no doubt that pole dancing is NOT easy. The amount of strength and control you need to pole dance is incredible and it is quite amazing and beautiful to watch. Well now they are thinking about adding pole dancing as an Olympic sport. So cool! There are an abundance of pole dancing studios and classes offered all over the place, so why not recognize it as a sport worthy of the Olympics? From shape.com there is good news for the pole dancing communuity in this regard "The Global Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF)—the umbrella organization that houses all Olympic and non-Olympic sports federations—has granted the International Pole Sports Federation official observer status, a move that internationally recognizes and legitimizes a sport. This recognition from the GAISF is the first, big step to potentially make it to the Olympic Games. Next, the sport would have to be recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which can take several years. (Cheerleading and Muay Thai have been added to the IOC's list of provisional sports, bringing them that much closer to the Olympic podium.)" Check out more here

Source: shape.com

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