BK is testing a sandwich with nothing but French fries

BK is testing a sandwich with nothing but French fries

OK, so it's NOT in America YET, but Burger King is in fact testing a sandwich made from nothing but French fries. From comicbook.com, "If you've ever wanted a french fry-filled burger, you're in luck — that's exactly what Burger King has down in its stores in New Zealand. Carrying a striking resemblance to England's fabled Chip Butty dish, Burger King's version of the sandwich comes with the fast-food joint's iconic french fries sandwiched between their typical sesame seed bun. The fries are also sandwiched between globs of ketchup and mayonnaise.

The chain offered a similar dish in the United States back in 2013. That time around, the sandwich also came with a chargrilled hamburger patty and Burger King's traditional burger toppings like lettuce and mayo. The sandwiches are now available at participating New Zealand locations"

A French fry-filled burger? I'm in! Now to book a flight to New Zealand. More here

Source: comicbook.com

Photos: giphy.com

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