Who is the best stranger to talk to at a bar?

Who is the best stranger to talk to at a bar?

When you go out alone to a bar, who do you try to talk to? I mean, it's weird and creepy to just sit there alone and drink, so you have to talk to SOMEONE, but who is the BEST person to approach for some convo when alone at a bar? From vice.com, here are your choices:

  1. Hot single person
  2. Fellow sports fan
  3. Exhausted office worker
  4. Anyone in a cowboy hat
  5. Hot married person
  6. Roadie
  7. College kid
  8. Fellow mom or dad
  9. Biker. They could stab you to death. But what if they invite you to be IN their gang instead? Worth the risk.
  10. Bachelor(ette) party attendee
  11. Anyone your age nearby
  12. WAY too loud fellow sports fan
  13. Random group of adults who are too excited to be hanging out at a Ruby Tuesday together
  14. The old alkie who sits at the end of the bar and drinks from 10 am to 7 pm every day
  15. Genuinely enthusiastic businessman who wears a polo shirt with his company’s logo on it
  16. Generic old person
  17. SantaCon attendee
  18. MAGA hat wearer

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Source: vice.com

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