Coronavirus will potentially delay production of Baby Yoda toys

Coronavirus will potentially delay production of Baby Yoda toys

Oh no! Now what will grown men living in their parents' houses collect?? No, a LOT of people are actually going to be really bummed about this. Because of coronavirus, the production of Baby Yoda toys could be delayed...even more. First of all, someone REALLY dropped the ball on this one. They KNEW "The Mandalorian" would be HUGE on Disney + and these toys should have been available that day. But, it is what it is and according to, "Hasbro, the maker of several “Star Wars” Baby Yoda toys set to hit stores later this year, confirmed last week that its supply chain is being disrupted by the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus disruptions haven’t hurt production of Baby Yoda toys yet, according to industry expert Jim Silver, CEO of Toys, Tots, Pets & More, a toy industry review website. Silver said he spoke with sources inside the Chinese factories that Hasbro works with.

But Silver said the situation could soon change for the worse — and not just for Baby Yoda. “If things aren’t normal by the time June and July roll around, there will be shortages on a litany of toys. [viaCNN Business]" There's still hope, but let's hope that this doesn't get worse for a LOT of reasons. More here