Yeah, don’t make your own hand sanitizer

Please, don’t make your own hand sanitizer.

Just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD. With news of the coronavirus, people have been scrambling to get hand sanitizer and masses of people hoarding hand sanitizer. So of course, a TON of those "lifehacker" stories and sites get fired up and tell you the ways to make your own hand sanitizer. Most of these products are made with alcohol and something else, so a lot of these urge you to start with that, but as points out, "Unfortunately there are some problems. First,experts note that it’s easy to screw up the recipe. You might measure it wrong, or use the wrong concentration of alcohol, for example, or maybe you’re following a recipe that looks good online but doesn’t actually result in the right concentration of alcohol.

Second, rubbing alcohol is really harsh on skin. Your DIY sanitizer will not be as gooey and moisturizing as a fresh bottle of Purell, because there’s a reason companies like Purell spend time and money on developing the right formula for each product. As one pharmacist noted on twitter, this isn’t easy."

So, the bottom line is. leave the hand sanitizer making to the professionals and who knows, maybe you can find some for less than $60 on Amazon. More here



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