Vegetarians have better sex lives

Vegetarians have better sex lives

Yep, it's true! Vegetarians have been found to have better sex lives than their carnivorous counterparts. From The Toronto Sun, "“Vegetarians eat foods that are known for their aphrodisiac properties, of course they’re more aroused,” she told “Maca — a Peruvian root vegetable — fenugreek leaves, ginseng, aniseed — there is a host of different veggies that are natural aphrodisiacs that promote sexual excitement.”

Of the 500 vegetarians surveyed, 84% said they are satisfied with their sex lives, compared to 59% of the 500 meat-eaters. And, in fact, even more vegans (who made up 38% of the vegetarians surveyed) are loving their love lives, with 95% of them saying they are happy in bed.

Part of this could be because vegetarians are apparently more sexually active. More than half of vegetarians (57%) claimed they have sex three to four times a week, where as almost half of meat-eaters (49%) only did the deed one to two times weekly."

Bottom line is you don't have to give up meat, but you might want to think about eating more meatless meals every once in a while to give your sex life a boost. More here