What The Florida?

WTF? (What The Florida?) Where we recall all of the exploits of Florida Man and Florida Woman!

Every day at 7:30 and 9:30am we bring you these stories and we recap them here! Let's see what Florida Man and Florida Woman were up to today!

Paramedic arrested for coughing on a store cashier

A Florida Man, who is also a paramedic was arrested after intentionally coughing on a convenience store clerk. The man was upset with all of the social distancing we have to do and while ranting to the cashier, he purposely coughed all over her, the counter and the register. He was arrested a short time later and you can see more here

Florida Woman walks out of Walmart with two 65-inch TVs

A Florida Woman took advantage of Walmart's "Buy None, Get Two Free" deal...oh wait, they didn't have that deal? Oh, then she STOLE two 65-inch TVs from a Walmart. She simply walked in, went to the electronics section, placed a TV in her cart and walked out! She did it so casually and smoothly, that she came back anther time and did it AGAIN! See more here

37 Things That Could Only Happen in Florida

This isn't as much of a STORY as it is a collection of pictures of things that could ONLY happen in Florida and you can see them here

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Photos: giphy.com

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