What The Florida?

WTF? (What The Florida?) Where we recall all of the exploits of Florida Man and Florida Woman!

Every day at 7:30 and 9:30am we bring you these stories and we recap them here! Let's see what Florida Man and Florida Woman were up to today!

Florida Man wearing a Rona face mask robs a Publix

A Florida Man took advantage of the Coronavirus protocol of wearing face masks and robbed a Publix. The man, wearing the mask a hat, sunglasses and a t-shirt that, swear to God says "Livin' The Life" on it! Lol! Check out the story here

Florida Woman denied vodka, uses a vacuum as a weapon

Don't you DARE deny this Florida Woman her vodka! She beat her boyfriend with a vacuum when he did just that. She took off before the cops got there in his car, but eventually they got her. Check it out here

Florida Man tries to order a burrito...at a bank drive-thru

A Florida Man was arrested for DUI after trying to order a burrito at a bank drive-thru. I wonder if he filled out a withdrawl slip for it? More here

Sources: brevardtimes.com, tcpalm.com, bustedlocals.com

Photos: giphy.com

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