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HOA demands elderly woman clean her driveway during the pandemic

Yep, HOAs are still evil, even during a global pandemic. This elderly Florida woman was given a notice to clean her driveway by her HOA, or else she could face fines and even a lein on her house if it went far enough! Crazy! We're in a pandemic and she's old, but they don't care. A local TV station tried to help and you can see how it went here

Florida Man charged with pizza fraud

Yep, pizza fraud. A Florida Man is accused of calling multiple pizzerias in New Jersey, ordering HUGE amounts of pizza, claiming to be for police and first responders and then calling later to hurl racial slurs at them! These pizzerias lost tons of money and one of them even had to close because of it! See more here

Florida Man arrested after exposing himself in a drive-thru

A Florida Man was arrested for lewd a lascivious behavior...again, for the third time in less than a year. This time he exposed himself to a couple workers at McDonald's while he was in the drive-thru and my guess is they were NOT lovin' it! More here

Source: wftv.com, nbcnewyork.com, clickorlando.com

Photos: giphy.com