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WTF? (What The Florida?) Where we recall all of the exploits of Florida Man and Florida Woman!

Every day at 7:30 and 9:30am we bring you these stories and we recap them here! Let's see what Florida Man and Florida Woman were up to today!

Florida Man in a polyamorous relationship charged with child abuse

We featured this guy a long time ago. He is one of four men that live with a woman here in Florida and now this assbag is charged with child abuse. Gee, you mean a guy that shares one woman with three other dudes might be a little bit off? You don't say? More here

Florida Man accused of murdering his wife and using COVID-19 as a cover-up

A Florida Man is accused of murdering his wife and trying to use the Coronavirus as a cover-up! In EASILY the wildest story you'll read today, this guy apparently killed his wife, then tried to says she had COVID-19 and that was the reason why nobody was hearing from her! You have to see this and you can, here

Florida Man beats his cellmate when the man asked for a "courtesy flush"

Well clearly this Florida Man is inconsiderate! While sharing a cell (and toilet) with a cellmate, this Florida Man was doing his business when his cellmate asked for a "courtesy flush" due to the smell. Well he didn't like that suggestion too much and beat the man. No word on if he at least finished up first before beating his cellmate, but you can see more here

Source: newsbreak.com, yahoo.com, clickorlando.com

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