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A large Easter cookout had to be broken up by police

We are REALLY not good at this social distancing thing. Over the Easter weekend, a cookout with more than 100 people at an "affordable housing" complex had to be broken up over Coronavirus concerns. Most were not wearing masks or gloves and it was just a problem waiting to happen and you can see more here

Police chief claims a colleague died of COVID-19 because he was gay

A Florida police chief is now out of work after alleging a colleague died of Coronavirus because he was "homosexual and participated in homosexual activities". Unreal. More here

Florida inmate let out of jail over Coronavirus concerns killed a guy a day after being released

You just can't do nice things for some people. A Florida Man was one of 164 inmates let out of jail over COVID-19 concerns. The state let out a certain number of low-level, mostly drug offenders and this man was one of them. Well, he graduated to bigger crimes exactly one day after being released when he killed a guy. More here

Source: fox13news.com, nypost.com, metro.co.uk

Photos: giphy.com

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