WTF? (What The Florida?)

WTF? (What The Florida?) Where we recall all of the exploits of Florida Man and Florida Woman!

Every day at 7:30 and 9:30am we bring you these stories and we recap them here! Let's see what Florida Man and Florida Woman were up to today!

Florida Man calls 911 repeatedly to ask for booze and ice cream

Good to see that he didn't misuse the 911 system for something stupid! This Florida Man felt that needing booze was enough to call 911 over and over again one day and when police showed up to set him straight, he said he understood. Clearly he did not. He called again the next day, asking police to retrieve ice cream from his freezer. More here

Florida Woman felt that smoking weed was an "essential activity"

A Florida Woman was arrested for trespassing and violating a stay-at-home order when she was caught walking to a friend's house. When asked why she was walking to a friend's house and not observing the stay-at-home order, she told them she was going there to smoke some weed. Seems essential enough right? More here

Florida Man with weapons and a bulletproof vest in his SUV said it belonged to his cousin, John Wick

Look, I'm not one to call this Florida Man a liar, but when he was caught with a pistol, a high-powered rifle and a bulletproof vest in his SUV, he told police that it belonged to his cousin "John Wick". Now either he's lying , or it's just coincidence. Not sure, check here



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