There are 7 types of rest and you’re not getting enough of any of them

There are 7 types of rest and you’re probably not getting enough of any of them

7 types of rest? I barely know how to do one of them! Apparently there are 7 types of rest and me, you and everyone in the world is probably not getting enough of ANY. The different types of rest are these:

1) Passive or active physical rest- Passive rest is sleeping or napping, while active physical rest is something like meditating, yoga (or any stretching), or getting a massage

2) Mental rest- Obvious. We all need a mental break, but according to this, while at work, take a mental break every 20 minutes and do something "non work-related", sure, see how long you keep your job that way!

3) Sensory rest- We are constantly glued to screens and devices...unplug

4) Creative rest- for those that need to use creativity, go outside, go for a walk or run, or "turn your workplace into a place of inspiration"

5) Emotional rest- People can be draining and it's ok to take a break from people for a minute and to tell them you're not ok

6) Social rest- Stay home for once! Chill!

7) Spiritual rest- According to brobible, this includes “the ability to connect beyond the physical and mental and feel a deep sense of belonging, love, acceptance, and purpose.”

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