WTF (What The Florida?)

WTF (What the Florida?)

Ahh yes, Florida Man and Florida Woman...we follow their exploits every morning at 7:30 and 9:30 and here are today's stories!

Street race causes a 15-vehicle crash

In Seminole County 24 cars participating in a street race were involved in a crash that cracked up 15 cars and ended up sending 6 to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. More here


Florida Woman facing felonies for KFC drive-thru rage

When Alexandra Maldonado went to her local KFC drive-thru, she became angry over what she considered to be a lack of service, so she took matters into her own hands...literally! Amid all of this, she caught a couple felony charges. Alexandra was unhappy, so she did the only sane, logical thing...she hoisted her body into the drive-thru window and punched a 16-year-old worker in the neck. She of course was arrested and given charges of burglary and child abuse for her trouble. More here


Florida Woman bites her sister who tried to get her to stop driving drunk

When Melody Smalley's two sisters heard she was out drinking and driving, they showed up to the bar she was at and tried to get her to not drive. One sister got into Melody's driver seat of her car, but Melody ripped her out of the car and beat her up, so that sister left the scene, leaving the other sister behind. While trying to get Melody into the backseat, Melody put up a fight again and bit the sister in the thumb and wouldn't let go. As you can imagine, cops were called and Melody went to jail...seems to be the way most of these end and you can see more here


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