Fast food manager quits after 20 because of the customers

Fast food manager quits after 20 years because the customers have become "so unreasonable"

A veteran manager of a Taco Bell, who has worked there for 20 years, has quit because the customers have become "so unreasonable" and hard to deal with. I have to say, I have four kids, so spend time at fast food restaurants and I can tell you firsthand I have seen some pretty rude customers. People are short on patience and quick to yell at and be disrespectful to fast food workers. So much so, that this past year alone has seen a string of fast food workers and customers getting into violent brawls right there in the restaurants. He worked at McDonald's for 6 years, before a two-decade run at Taco Bell and says that working in fast food is all he knows. He said the problems with customers really started amid the COVID pandemic. stating that "people think it's perfectly okay to be intolerant, demand things, and just be unreasonable". Look, now matter what happens, we're all human beings and everyone is worthy of respect. Just because things aren't going your way in your opinion at a fast food restaurant, or it's taking too long, or they got part of your order wrong, this is NO reason to treat people poorly and sadly, this man has had enough. Sad. More here



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