PornHub’s ‘Year in Review” reveals what fans love watching

PornHub’s "Year in Review” reveals what fans love watching

If you ever wanted to know the porn-viewing habits of Americans and people from the UK for the past year, then today is your lucky day! The fine folks at PornHub have compiled a list of what people are into, via data gained through views on their site. Hentai porn is now the site's most searched term all over the world and ranked number one in the US and number three in the UK. For those that don't know (and that included me until I read this article), Hentai porn is adult anime or manga and there are TONS of them on the site. Aside from cartoon porn, "romantic" porn had a huge spike this year, to the tune of a 139% increase in 2021. Top 3 porn participants to the site are 1) United States 2) UK 3) Japan. Here in the good 'ol USA, we watch for an average of 9 minutes 44 seconds on PornHub. Check out who the top performers are and more here



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