Starbucks customer ends a 23-car “pay-it-forward" chain and sparks debate

Starbucks customer ends a 23-car “pay-it-forward" chain and sparks a debate

If there's one thing The Internet LOVES to do, it's debate and this one sparked a doozy! A man broke a 23-car "pay-it-forward" chain and people have feelings about it. In a viral video, a TikTok user said "At Starbucks they were doing the pay for the person behind you thing...I pulled up and ended a 23 car streak." His reasoning was simple, he ordered an iced coffee for $6, if he paid for the car behind him, the bill would have been $46. At what point does the chain stop? When is it ok to break the chain? If you think about it, it could definitely get pricey if you are only ordering one thing and the car behind you has six people in it! How do you feel about someone breaking a pay-it-forward chain? Find out more and read the rest of the story here



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