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Women can’t resist men who do these 4 things

Women can't resist men who do these 4 things

Attractiveness is a subjective thing, but nobody can argue vibes. When someone has a certain energy, people take notice and THAT is the key to being irresistible to women! To achieve this "vibe" or energy, do these 4 things:

1) Straighten your posture- a confident man stands up straight, with his head up and his shoulders down. Walk in like you own the joint!

2) Get into a strong masculine state- certainty is sexy. Stand like a man and repeat to yourself "you need me" with strong and fixed eyes.

3) Cultivate this daily until you ARE this!- it's not a practice of acting, it's a practice of BEING.

4) Let go of the victimhood mindset- whether you're fat, bald, or broke, stop focusing on your insecurities. Believing they don't want you will turn that to reality

A really interesting read about the laws of attraction and you can see more here



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