The Freakshow with Flyin Brian

The Freakshow with Flyin Brian

The wildest, most controversial show in all of SWFL! Full Bio


Are you a difficult person? take the test here

Are you a difficult person? take the test here 

How difficult of a person are you? According to research there are 7 traits that make you a "difficult person". Those traits are:

1)  Callousness- insensitive with a cruel disregard for others

2) Grandiosity- a feeling of superiority over others and usually comes with a sense of entitlement

3) Aggressive- hostile, violent or forceful behavior

4) Suspicion- always wary of everyone and everything

5) Manipulativeness- trying to influence the behavior or emotions of others for their own purposes

6) Dominance- dominating can veer towards antagonism, making you difficult to get along with

7) Risk-taking- not ALWAYS a bad thing, but impulsive actions may affect those around them, or may be of danger to themselves

To find out if you're a difficult person, take the test here



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