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15 Types of Bad Girlfriend Who Will Make Your Life a Living Hell

15 Types of Bad Girlfriend Who Will Make Your Life a Living Hell 

Pretty much every guy on the planet has had a bad girlfriend experience. Well, the fine folks at LovePanky have put together a very helpful breakdown of the 15 types of bad girlfriend. Let's see how many you can personally recognize:

1) The Clingy Girlfriend- you know the vibe. The thing is, pretty soon she will suffocate you and you end up going to great lengths to spend time AWAY from her before you make that permanent

2) The Obsessive Possessive Girlfriend- may start off cute at first, but pretty soon the possessiveness means she wants to be with you always and won't even want you going out with your friends without her. She will be insecure each time you meet, or know a girl and this one turns out to be a nightmare quick

3) The User Girlfriend- she likes to go out, likes to have you pick up the tab, she likes your connections, but if that isn't there, neither is she.

4) The Unapologetic Girlfriend- she just CAN'T admit a mistake or apologize

5) The Whiner- one of the worst. Grow up first of all, you are not a child who whines to get their way. Not just that, but the constant complaining and never having anything good to say amkes this one a real drag

6) The Unsure Girlfriend- not just unsure about your relationship, although that may be a part of it, just generally confused and unsure about every choice in life.

7) The Dominating and Demanding Girlfriend- I think we ALL have had one of these! She is full of expectations and demands, is bossy and will always be telling you what to do

8) The Overly Opinionated Girlfriend- opinions are great, but this type has her opinions and NOTHING will change them. She may change her mind, either on her own, or if her friends change her mind, but good luck doing so yourself.

9) The Sneaky Snoop- she snoops on you all the time. Like always. Every chance she gets in fact. Whenever you put your phone down, she's looking. Whenever you leave, she's checking up on you. She knows your passwords whether you know it or not. It's Hell dating someone who doesn't trust you

10) The Nice Girl With No Opinions at All- I mean, nice, but c'mon!

11) The Fighter- hot temper, may even get physical. She's got some rage and may take it out on out

12) The "I-Make-You-Insecure" Girlfriend- she's too flirty for her own good. She gets really friendly with other guys and may even go out on dates with them, even when claiming that you are "exclusive"

13) The Martyr Girlfriend- she goes for emotional blackmail and manipulation to get her way. It's a lot of "I do SO much for you"-type stuff and you know the mood

14) The Parents' Pet- hard to compete with that kind of attention being poured on you and my friend, you will fall short. Not only that, but she will do NOTHING without getting consult from her parents first

15) The Chronically Dissatisfied Girlfriend- no matter what, she's never going to be happy with anything and constantly going to be comparing everything you have and do to others.

I think we've all had some of these types of girlfriend, maybe a mashup of several of these types! Not to say that all men are saints, but that is a different list! You can see more about bad girlfriends here



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