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9 classic video games that taught us important life lessons

9 classic video games that taught us important life lessons  

Classic video games are the best! I mean sure, they might not have the best graphics, but some of these classic video games taught us very important life lessons. Let's take a look at some of these old school games and what they taught us...

1) The Legend of Zelda- the lesson here is "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again". The reason being is that game took FOREVER to get through and was full of very disappointing ways to die. Als, save points in games were a lot different back then and sometimes you'd have to start back at the beginning of a hard level and it was a patience tester like none other.

2) Sonic the Hedgehog- the lesson is "you can make as many mistakes as you want, as long as you have money". True in the game as unless you fall, you can bribe your way out of even death

3) Mario Kart 64- the lesson: "life comes at your pretty fast". The reality is just when everything seems to be going great, it can all come crashing down in a second

4) Resident Evil 2- the lesson here is "it's ok to be afraid sometimes". As far as horror games go, this one is a classic and scary too.

5) Mike Tyson's Punch Out- the lesson is "read and react. lean and adapt". With the seemingly endless string of fighters you had to get through before getting to the Champ, you encountered many different fight styles, as well as fighter weaknesses. You had to read, learn and adapt and when it's time to strike...strike hard

6) Grand Theft Auto III- the lesson is "the world is your oyster". Never in the history of gaming has the idea of running amok and doing whatever you wanted to do with an entire city as your playground come to life more than with the Grand Theft Auto series.

7) Pokemon Red/Blue- the lesson is "you can cheat your way through life as long as everyone else is doing it".

8) Tony Hawk Pro Skater- the lesson in this classic is "sometimes you have to do certain things in life just to fit in". If that's your thing, fitting in, then cool. No, no matter how much of an independent thinker you are, sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches. This game exemplified that. EVERYONE got it for Christmas in 2000 and I mean EVERYONE. Even if you had no interest in skating, you learned how to play, because ALL of your friends had it and were playing it, so if you wanted to bro down with the boys for a gaming sesh, you had to get into it a little bit

9) Goldeneye- the lesson in this most glorious game "sometimes you have to squeeze a few lemons to make lemonade". Back in the day, I would have asked for that lemonade "shaken, not stirred", as I was a HUGE fan of this game! Look, was it "wrong" to toss a bunch of mines into vents, so that your friend sitting in there is either stuck in a vent forever, or dies via a massive explosion? maybe, but sometimes you have to take advantage of weaknesses.

Solid list of life lessons from classic video games and you can see more 



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