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10 Things Classy Women Never Do

10 Things Classy Women Never Do 

Everyone likes a classy lady right? The idea is to be classy, not trashy right? Well we have here a list of 10 things classy women NEVER do:

1) A classy lady isn't rude or snarky to another person- a passive/aggressive, or just plain aggressive comment is a sure sign you have no elegance

2) Don't push away your plate at the end of a meal- these are basic table manners, but instead of pushing the plate away as if to say "remove this from my sight for me", ask the host/hostess if you can help clear the dishes.

3) Don't take your jacket to the table at a restaurant- most elegant places have a coat check and you should. It is not considered classy to take your jacket to the table

4) Don't go to the restroom during a meal- it is considered rude to go to the bathroom right before, or after the serving of the first course, but when you gotta go, you gotta go

5) Don't speak loudly on the phone while on public transport, or anywhere in public really- pretty self-explanatory and if you don't get why THIS is rude, then the rest of this list won't make sense

6) Don't stare at people- it makes people self-conscious and makes you look like a weirdo

7) Don't chew gum in public- when was this list written? Anyway, this etiquette experts says chewing gum is something that elegant people are never seen doing

8) Don't show the soles of your shoes when you sit down- apparently you should never angle your feet so the soles of your shoe are facing another person, and should always keep them facing the ground. It is considered ill-mannered to show your soles to another person while seated

9) Don't explain why you can't attend an event- it's either a lie, or most certainly none of their business why you cannot attend.

10) Don't carry a large handbag at night- daytime must be ok? Elegance experts say a small clutch or an evening bag is what to carry when the sun goes down

Wow! Being classy takes a LOT of work! There are a lot of rules to follow and I think I'd just get lost in all of it. See you at Applebees and you can see more here



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